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George Washington artciles ....

Download article - 2003 Washington Birthday, the legal holiday

2002-Aug20 GW Father of Our Country

1868 Winchester Lodge GW Art pdf

2002-Jul29-GW Mr. Excitement, pt.1 of 4

GW Mr Excitement, 072902, pt. 2 of 4

GW Mr Excitement pt. 3 of 4

GW Mr Excitement, pt. 4 of 4

2001-Nov.4-RTD-A Fake Peale GW

Miscellaneous G.W. items:

2002 Washington Birthday Postmark Poster

GW Masonic Statue photo

GW Statue photo credit

The original of this George Washington Masonic Statue, in New York City, is   displayed near the main New Orleans Public Library in the New Orleans Civic Center - weathered by Hurricane Katrina in August 2005.  How many others this size exist and where?   Another is displayed inside the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia, if you take the building tour.  If you know of still another, please notify