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First (1st) GWMSC Cover was an Inauguration Cover.
Note: The insert identifies this cover. UNAVAILABLE FROM CLUB; sold out.

Over the decades, GWMSC covers have been identified as:
George Washington Masonic Stamp Club (GWMSC),
Masonic Stamp Club, George Washington Chapter #1, or
some variation thereof. 
This traces to its origins as part of the Masonic Stamp Club of New York, from which it soon broke off as a separate organization.  GWMSC became recognized for its internally designed covers since 1957 (First Day, Washington Birthday, Special Events, and even nearly 10-years of meeting covers), while MSCNY is always widely recognized for its fine Masonic Philatelist magazine.

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1957-Washington Birthday Postmark-Postage Variations

Philately was more than a hobby for GWMSC co-founder Herman Lichty.  While Freemasonry was his passion, and printing was his profession (employed by a D.C. newspaper), Herman captured both in the Masonic Covers he printed for the club on his hand-press, in the manner in which he practiced his avocation (printing), his fraternal dedication, and celebrated life and history. In this album, we're assembling many of the GWMSC covers printed by Herman Lichty and his cachet successor.
The late Brothers Herman Lichty, Marvin Fowler, and others were even part of the small group that made U.S. President Gerald Ford a York Rite Mason, at site, in the oval office.
When Brother Lichty was no longer able to print covers, the task was assumed by Brother Stanley R. Longenecker, who's handled the design, printing and franking ever since.
While a few "Meeting covers," during the 1970s and 1980s were  designed and printed elsewhere, almost 100% of club covers were done by either Herman Lichty or Stan Longenecker.

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at the GWMSC Cover Album. Please get in touch about any additional early GWMSC covers of which we might not have pictures available!