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Six Masonic Covers
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4 GWMSC Covers from 1959-1965, and
2 Louisiana Lodge No. 102 Covers from 1978...

4 GWMSC Covers: some still on our available list!
La. Lodge No. 102 Covers - see notes below.

The GWMSC cachets pictured are three Washington Birthday covers from Alexandria, Virginia, and one Special Event Cover from the anniversary of the Laying of the Cornerstone of the U.S. Capital in Masonic Ceremony.

Of the two 1978 La. Lodge No. 102, F&AM, covers pictured, the 8/4/78 cover is still available from Brother John R. Allen.
The set of 3 for Washington's Masonic degrees started on 11-04-1977 (E.A.).  This cover, postmarked with the GWMSC cancellation at Fredericksburg, VA, was sold out within 2 months.  The 03-03-1978 (F.C.) were sent mostly to those who'd ordered too late for the 11-04-77, although all ordering the 11-04-77 had the option of ordering the 03-03-1978 cachet.
The 08/04/1978 chachet, some still available, was done to complete the set for all of Washington's Masonic Degrees on their 225th Anniversary.
The GWMSC again produced its own cachet of this nature -- for the 250th Anniversary of Washington Being Made a Freemason on 11-04-2002.
The last official function of the out-going Grand Master of Virginia each year has traditionally been attendance at the Fredericksburg Lodge No. 4, AF&AM, meeting on or closest to the November 4th anniversary of Washington being made an Entered Apprentice Mason, which in Washington's time was when someone was considered to be a Freemason. 

GWMSC has many old and new covers still available.  Download the complete list of available covers from the main site at  Click on the  Covers tab.