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George Washington Masonic Stamp Club


On this page we will provide links to other Masonic Stamp Clubs, to additional information about GWMSC covers (past & present), & related topics.

USPS Philatelic Links:

USPS Philatelic News

2002 Stamp Program, announced by USPS 11/6/01.


General Philatelic Links:

Collectors Club, New York.

Other Philatelic Links (Courtesy: Collectors Club)

BALPEX - Baltimore Philatelic Exhibition home page

Stamp Collectors Organizations (extensive list)


Houdini Stamp Released July 3, 2002 in New York, New York.

Irving Berlin stamp issued May 11, 2002.

Added GWMSC Information:

2002 - 4 GWMSC Cachets Announced

[1] 02-22-02 Washington Birthday
Mt.Vernon, VA Special GWMSC Postmark
[2] Irving Berlin, composer of God Bless America & other fine tunes. FDOI Date=May 2002.
[3] Harry Houdini
FDOI Date=July 3, 2002.
[4] Duke Kahamoku, Olympic Gold Medal Winner in Swimming, member Hawaiian Lodge #21.

Harry Houdini - 2002 Stamp FDOI on GWMSC Cachet:
This stamp honors Harry Houdini, America's most famous escape artist and magician - a star who needed no further introduction beyond his last name. The portrait on the stamp, which depicts a confident, self-assured man at the height of his career, was taken from a 1911 lithographed poster in the collection of Gary H. Mandelblatt. This 2002 issuance coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Society of American Magicians. Houdini served as president of the society from 1917 until his death in 1926.

Irving Berlin
This stamp honors accomplished songwriter Irving Berlin. A 1932 black-and-white photograph of Berlin by Edward Steichen (which was colorized for the stamp art) is superimposed over Berlin's handwritten score of "God Bless America." His signature from that score appears across the bottom of the stamp. A man of the people who had an ear for the types of songs that would be universally appealing, Berlin helped change the direction of American popular music. During his long career he wrote more than 1,000 songs, many of which became standards that are still favorites today.

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Masonic Stamp Club information:

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Not on the Web:

APS, Masonic Study Unit * (APS# AF0094)
Journal: The Philatelic Freemason: bimonthly.
Dues: U.S./Canada $8;
others $16.
Services: speakers bureau, exhibition awards.
Contact Person:
Mr. Stanley R. Longenecker,
930 Wood St.,
Mount Joy, PA 17552-1926

Otto Steding,
1033 Hollytree Drive,
Cincinnati, OH 45231
Periodical : Philatelic Freemason (Bimonthly)

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