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George Washington Masonic Stamp Club

Any Freemason in good standing with a recognized Blue Lodge may join.

Benefits of Joining

[] Life Membership in GWMSC.  No dues.
[] GWMSC Life Membership card.
[] A Member Attending the Annual Meeting in February may request the "Master of Philately", & receive a Certificate at no added fee. 


GWMSC Membership Application Form (PDF Format):

Click to download GMWSC Life Membership Application (pdf file)

Click to download GWMSC Life Membership Application (Word.doc file)

Who Can Join?

Any Freemason in good standing with a recognized Blue Lodge may join, but membership is not required to collect our club covers! We strongly encourage membership from National Capital Area Freemasons interested Cover collecting, who have sifficient time to actively participate in meetings and club operations.

GWMSC Membership, attendance at any Annual Meeting (February), and an advance reservation are required to obtain the Master of Philately, conferred annually by GWMSC at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. Contact any GWMSC Officer in advance for your degree reservation.


How Can You Join?

To join we need a completed application and your life membership dues. Please click one of the above links for a 1-page Life Membership Application form is either Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word formats.
Note:  The copy shown below, without graphics, will not print properly on a single page.



Note:  You may print the preferred form from either the PDF or Word document Links given above.




Life Membership Application in the (GWMSC)

George Washington Masonic Stamp CIub




I, ______________________________________________ hereby make


application for membership in the George Washington Masonic Stamp Club.


City______________________________________ State__________________

Zip+4 ____________________  e-mail:  _______________________________

Name of Blue Lodge______________________________________#_________

Located at________________________________________________________

Other Masonic affiliations____________________________________________

Do you have a Masonic collection of any kind?

[  ] U. S.        [  ] Foreign        [  ] Mint        [  ] Used        [  ] Covers

My philatelic interests include________________________________

$20.00  Life Membership _________________________________

         U.S.D.        No Dues          _________________________________

                                                                                                   (Name of countries)


Recommended by      _________________________________________


Applications for membership should be addressed to our Past President & Secretary:

            GWMSC, c/o John R. Allen, CPA

            2831 Swanhurst Drive

            Midlothian, VA  23113-2278


GWMSC home page:     http://GWMSC.tripod.com

emails:  johnallen_cpa@msn.com or GWMSC1956@Gmail.com


IMPORTANT: To avoid unnecessary delay on passing upon this application, please include  satisfactory proof of membership in your lodge,  such as a photocopy of your current year’s Blue lodge dues card,  or a letter from the Secretary of your lodge.  Applications are held until the next meeting, in February or September, and are voted upon then.  The Master of Philately is conferred once annually each February.


Rev. 02/22/2009                            email is GWMSC’s primary means of communication.