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George Washington
Masonic Stamp Club
Year 2000
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GWMSC participated in the June 26, 1999, Dedication Day at The George Washington Masonic National Memorial, honoring George Washington's life 200 years following his death on December 14, 1799.


The George Washington Masonic Stamp Club (GWMSC) officially sponsored the special pictorial postmark for which the Memorial hosted the temporary postal station. GWMSC produced its own separate cachet, and assistedwith the Memorial's official cachet.

The GWMSC cachet may be ordered for $1.25 plus SASE from:

Paul M. Williams,
GWMSC Cover Chairman & Past President
2364 Beaver Valley Pike
New Providence, PA 17560-9622 USA


Lists of available GWMSC Covers



Official Masonic Memorial Cover and its

Postmark Designer for Two Decades


The GWMSC Station official USPS postmark , and the Masonic Memorial's Official cachet (below) were both designed by GWMSC Past President John R. Allen, who designed three prior Masonic Memorial Station Postmarks used:

October 15, 1981,
February 22, 1982, and
May 12, 1982,

for the Rochambeau March Reenactment (culminating at the Yorktown Bicentennial), the 250th Birthday of George Washington, and the 50th Anniversary of the Masonic Memorial Building Dedication, respectively.


Available at 2 for $5.00, or $3 each, from:

John R. Allen - GWMNM Covers
Post Office Box 633
Midlothian, VA 23113-0633

Proceeds benefit the George Washington Masonic National Memorial.

250 of the 5-12-82 50th Anniversary Cachet are available at the same price; or get 1 of each at the 2 for $5 price.






GWMSC Washington Birthday Covers Since 1957



The Club has sponsored Washington Birthday Covers on February 22nd, annually, since 1957. In the mid-1970s, then President Mo Nafzinger initiated a George Washington Masonic Stamp Club Station special pictorial postmark at Mount Vernon, Virginia. Although the design of that Mount Vernon pictorial postmark has varied, at times throughout the years, the Club's special postmark there has been used on Washington's Birthdays for more than 20 years.


Mount Vernon GWMSC Pictorial Postmark for 12/14/99 - 12/18/99


The December 14, 1999 Bicentennial of the Death of George Washington at Mount Vernon was originally intended to mark the end of the U.S. Bicentennial Era.

The GWMSC will propose the reuse of it's February 22, 1999, pictorial postmark for the 200th Anniversary of Washington's Death on 12-14-99, and for use daily through the 12-18-99 reenactment of Washington's Funeral at Mount Vernon. The postmark contains a bust of Washington with a Flag at half staff.

Official club cachets on Mount Vernon postcards will be available only if ordered from Cover Chairman Williams (address above) before 1-December-1999, and supplies permit. The cacheted postcards will be $1.00 each (plus SASE), or five for $4.00 (plus SASE). You must specify the postmark dates in advance! Otherwise, one will be 12-14-99, and five will be all 5 days.





Commemoration Day,
June 26, 1999,
photo by 13 year old
(14 @ 7/11/99),
Chris M. Allen,
who was first at a GWMSC meeting in 1986.





George Washington Masonic Stamp Club