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George Washington Masonic National Memorial

Cachets & Postmarks
designed by
John R. Allen
from 1977-1999+


All four of the Pictorial Postmarks used at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial from 1981-1999 were designed and proposed to the USPS for use by the Alexandria, VA, Post Office by John R. Allen. He designed many other Masonic &/or Patriotic Postmarks from 1977 to-date.

These include Masonic Postmark designs for Fredericksburg Lodge [1978 (2), & 1982 (3)], and the Yorktown Victory Monument (10-17-81 while serving as the Yorktown Bicentennial Committee Philatelic Chairman).

First Day Postmarks and Pictorials shown here, other than those for the Masonic Memorial, were not designed by

John R. Allen, unless indicated.




The June 26, 1999, GWMSC Station official USPS postmark, and the George Washington Masonic National Memorial's Official cachet, were both designed and implemented by GWMSC Past President John R. Allen, who designed three prior Masonic Memorial Station Postmarks used for the:

October 15, 1981, Rochambeau March Reenactment (culminating at the Yorktown Bicentennial),

February 22, 1982, the 250th Birthday of George Washington, and

May 12, 1982, the 50th Anniversary of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial Building Dedication.

Brother Allen designed Masonic cachets for his Mother Lodge, Louisiana Lodge No. 102, F. & A.M. (formerly in New Orleans; now located in the Metairie/Harahan, LA) since July 4, 1976, and has done so for several other lodges and organizations in subsequent years.

His most unwieldy postmark and cachet endeavor was as volunteer Philatelic Chairman of the Yorktown Bicentennial Committee (1980-81) and the Rhode Island Heritage Commission (1981). Special pictorial postmarks he designed were used in 8 cities on varying dates from 10/10/81-10/19/81, with 8 or more reused on the 10-16-81 First Day of Issue, the start of the four day Yorktown Bicentennial, for which he purchased over 90,000 postage stamps.



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Midlothian, VA 23113-0633

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George Washington Masonic National Memorial Cachets


While proceeds from the sale of cachets listed on this site directly benefit the George Washington Masonic National Memorial (GWMNM), and document part of its philatelic history, the Memorial Association is NOT responsible for the accuracy of any statements made here. This site is solely maintained by members of the George Washington Masonic Stamp Club to promote relevant Masonic Philatelic history of its home base and/or its members.