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George Washington Masonic Stamp Club

First Birthday Cover, 1957


This 1957 First "Washington Birthday" Cover produced and sponsored by the Club does not contain an organization sponsor's name!

It was printed by Co-founder Herman Lichty, as were all club covers until his death.

1958 & 1960 Birthday cover sponsor's are shown as:

George Washington Chapter # 1
Masonic Stamp Club of New York

George Washington Chapter # 1
of the
Masonic Stamp Club

A July 4, 1959 cover simply said "Masonic Stamp Club". The insert added the full name:
George Washington Chapter # 1
of the
Masonic Stamp Club

By the 1961 Birthday cover, the name was firmly
established on the envelope as:
"George Washington Masonic Stamp Club".



Questions on "First Covers":


  1. If it's the same group, does the "Name" matter?
  2. Must it be a First "First Day" cover?
  3. What name actually appears on the GWMSC 1959 Birthday cover?


Do any "First Cover" collectors who possess the GWMSC 1959 Washington Birthday cover actually hold a true "First Cover"?
...or were they mislead by the name?

Note: We do not know the actual answer to the question above. Only e-mail us on this if you postively know the answer, or possess the actual cover. If you possess either the 02-22-59 or 02-22-60 cover, please either e-mail or snail mail a reproduction, or advise on the price, if you're willing to sell one!

There are still GWMSC members who own these covers! We'll post a copy sooner or later! In the meantime, look for some other early covers, soon!




1957 Birthday Cover:

No club name!

Postmark: Alexandria, VA.

Known stamp variations:
2 Mt.Vernon 1.5 cent, or 3 GW 1-cent.

Co-Founder & Cachet Maker:
Herman Lichty




A 1959 and/or 1960 Washington Birthday cover sponsored by GWMSC, or any of the other Club name variations shown at the left!


E-mail Factual Information on February 22, 1959 Club Cover







The Club's 1957-62 Birthday covers are not presently available from the Club.




No. 1 of 43 consecutive years of Washington Birthday Covers, 1957-99!